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Pureflames specializes in offering a wide range of integrated collection varying from built-in to freestanding varieties of kitchen appliances. Each product is aesthetically designed and hand crafted by our dedicated manufacturing and product team headquartered in Faridabad. Pureflames products have a professional performance merged with a stunningly good look.


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Modern Home

The kitchen is often the focal point of the modern home. An essential part of an attractive and functional kitchen is the range hood or cooker hood. A cooker hood is installed above the stove to collect and vent smoke or other fumes and odors from the air above the cooking surface. Cooker hoods come with many options, such as varied types of lighting, fans, and filters.

Multipurpose Cooking Ranges

Our cooking ranges are multipurpose, serving almost all cooking needs integrated into a single unit, with features like electrical ignition, original Italian sabaf burner, gas oven and gas grill.

Easy to Use

Pureflame OTG is an excellent combination of Oven, Toaster and Grill. The several stage heating modes, display timers, convection and rotisserie functions makes it a useful addition to any kitchen.